War Thunderin Content Dev Kit

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War Thunderin Content Dev Kit

Viesti Kirjoittaja juuba » Ke Touko 21, 2014 14:25

Tällä pystyy tekemään jo vaikka mitä vissiinkin:

Esim karttoja:
http://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comm ... locations/
You will need

[*]SRTM Tile Grabber
[*]Shuttle Radar Topography Mission database (if you know your SRTM tile #)
[*]SRTM plugin for Google Earth - SRTM plugin is down as servers are offline
[*]A way to convert .bmp files into .tga (GIMP works for me)
[*]War Thunder CDK

How to do it

[*]Using the SRTM Tile Grabber, find an area you are interested in; I will choose northern France for Dunkirk
[*]Download the SRTM data and extract into a folder; you will need the .tif
[*]Using MICRODEM, open the .tif by File -> Open -> Open DEM -> selecting the SRTM .tif
[*]Right click on the map -> Legends/marginalia -> deselect all 4 checkboxes
[*]Right click on the map -> Display parameters -> Elevation -> select greyscale
[*]Select the area you want to zoom in on
[*]Right click on the map -> Grid/graticule -> Neither
[*]You end up with something like this
[*]Right click on the map -> Save Image
[*]Open the .bmp with your file converter and save as .tga

At this point it all depends if the CDK wants to cooperate

[*]Run dagored.cmd in WarThunderCDK
[*]Open the default level.blk
[*]Select Landscape -> Import Heightmap -> Select the .tga you just made

And that is all I can help with. I'm still learning how the CDK works myself, when it isn't crashing :(
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