Finnish peace negotiations

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Finnish peace negotiations

Viesti Kirjoittaja LLv34_Snefens » La Huhti 16, 2011 11:22

Hi guys I hope you can help me.

For the strategy game TOAW3 I'm working on a scenario covering the Soviet Leningrad-Novgorod strategic offensive in January 1944 to finally lift the siege.
The emphasis in the scenario lies south of Leningrad, but I've included part of the Finnish front and most importantly the coastal gun positions covering the Finnish Gulf, effectively locking the Red Banner Baltic fleet in.

Now, as I understand it in short, the soviet succes in the offensive prompted the Finnish officials to make some initial requests for what the Soviet terms would be for peace in February 1944. When the Germans managed to stop the offensive at the Estonian border at Narva in March 1944 and German promised to give weapons aid to Finland, the Finns refused the Soviet demands, and nothing more happend in that respect until June 1944.

Since this is a scenario it will be able to deviate from the history, so what I'm looking to get a feel for is if the Finns would have agreed to peace in spring 1944 (without an offensive on the Karelian Isthmus):

at all?
if the Soviet terms had been more lenient?
if the Germans hadn't offered assistance?
if the Soviets had conquered the entire Estonain coast?

Or a combination of these or other factors.

Thanks for any input.