Finnish Virtual Pilots Association's IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad server's statistics page
Information about the server
Dynamic War Arena Mission
Capture enemy airfields.

Short howto:Destroy tank bases. Then attack, close, and capture airfields.
Long howto:First, destroy 50% of enemy defense lines at tank base to spawn own tanks that attack the enemy lines. Then assist the tanks so that they survive to the enemy line.
When the tanks reach the enemy line, the tank base is conquered, and the battle moves towards the enemy airfield in the next mission rotation.
When a tank base next to enemy airfield is conquered, it is possible to capture the airfield.
To capture airfields, first destroy 80% of the targets on the airfields. This CLOSES the field. Then bring in a paratrooper plane ("paras"), land it successfully on the field and Finish Flight. Alternatively as Germans, drop 10 paratroopers on the field. This captures the field. But hurry and do this before the objects respawn!
If you take too long, the objects respawn, and the field will open again when enough objects have respawned.
Objects on a closed field that has not been captured yet can be repaired by bringing in a repair plane, landing it successfully on the field and then finishing the flight. Alternatively as Germans, you can drop supplies to the airfield. This cuts down the respawn times of airfield objects.
Once every tank base battle or airfield capture has been resolved in the mission, the mission will rotate and new tank bases and airfields will be active in the next mission.
Once every field has been taken by one side, the war is won and the map resets.

Respawn times of objects depend on the number of tank base battle "hops" to the nearest depot or factory, where each hop increases the respawn time for a preset amount. Destroying a depot and a factory will result in the respawn time being calculated from the next closest depot or factory. A destroyed factory object will be repaired in 48 hours.

Supply of airplanes on airfields is dependent on the distance (again in "hops") from the airfield to the factory.
To supply planes on an airfield yourself, land a "supply" plane on the airfield.

Note that this is a total war server, so basically no rules. Any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, is ok. But no teamkilling, insulting, chute killing, shooting already shot-down planes, and no calling anyone cheater. Report cheaters to admins, WITH EVIDENCE (track / video).

Chat commands:
"<tl" shows remaining mission time
"<field <Airfield/depot/factory/tank base number>" shows information about the airfield, depot, factory, or tank base. For example "<field f1"
"<planes" shows how many planes you have in your hangar at each airfield.
"<planes <Airfield number>" shows how many planes you have in your hangar at that airfield.

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