Finnish Virtual Pilots Association's IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad server's statistics page
Information about the server

Tasks for players:
  • Destroy enemy frontline defenses consisting of infantry, tank, and artillery positions.
  • Destroy enemy combat ships.
  • Destroy enemy front and rear depots.
  • Destroy enemy railway stations and their surrounding industrial and supply targets.
  • Use tanks to capture control points (marked "CP" on the map) between friendly and enemy front troops to give bonus to frontline advance.
  • Destroy enemy bridges.
  • Drop paratroopers between your frontline and artillery to strengthen your frontline and supply tank spawns. The Ju-52 paratrooper planes are available at the rear fields. The dropzone is marked on the map and will be marked with smoke on the ground (blue for axis / red for allied).
  • Protect own targets.
  • Fly supply missions from supply airstart to airfields to replenish available planes and to open temporary airfields.

  • Chat Commands:

    Discord server at
    SRS server has autoconnect in use. For manual connection, use address:

    Frontline movement calculation target object values (approx.):
    Machine gun (AA) 10
    Anti-tank gun 40
    Howitzer 38
    Rocket launcher 52
    Dugout 250
    Bunker 500
    Light tank 100
    Medium tank 200
    Heavy tank 205
    Light AAA 26
    Medium AAA 36
    Heavy AAA 55
    Truck 200
    Fuel 585
    Barracks 525
    Shed 290
    Ammo 500
    Hangar 500
    Storage 351
    Oil 410
    Oil (small) 200
    Small warehouse 1000
    Big warehouse 2000
    Bridge 2500
    Cargo and tanker ships 2000
    Gun boats 500 and 1000
    Landing boat 1000
    Submarine 1000
    Torpedo boat 700
    Paratrooper drop 1750
    There's also a multiplier for the values of objects at the frontline to balance the worth between frontline and depots/stations. Currently, the multiplier is 0.4.

    Rotating Planesets:
    Generally, fighters are worth 400 points, ground attack planes and bombers 300 points. Some slower planes like Po-2 and Ju-87 are worth a bit less.

    Rotating Tanksets:

    Server rules:

    Server settings currently:

    Report bugs etc. to

    Server Hardware: